Ventilation for the Workspace

The impact of the pandemic upon how we work and utilise work spaces has been significant, not only in terms of advice from government to work from home, if possible, but also how we best use our existing commercial work spaces where staff need to be present, be that in full office occupancy or a blended home / office approach.

One of the key factors in transmission of Covid within an occupied space, or indeed the common cold and flu for example, is the adequacy of the ventilation.

HSE guidance notes that someone who has coronavirus breathes out small particles (aerosols) of the virus, and that adequate ventilation reduces how much virus is in the air and thus reduces the risk of breathing in the virus.

Our clients have sought our advice upon how to improve and optimise ventilation provisions within their work spaces to provide the best achievable environment for their staff.

Crofton undertake a detailed inspection of the existing natural and mechanical ventilation provisions, review record information and then provide a clear response to best utilise existing installations and what can be done to improve them where necessary.

We use modelling software to evaluate ventilation strategies, yielding information to allow recommendations for maximum occupancies and to evaluate improvement options.

Our reporting is informed by the latest government requirements and HSE guidance together with advisory studies undertaken by the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) in their “Covid-19:Ventilation” Guidance paper, which itself draws upon a wide range of publications.

As the impact of Covid will, we all hope, reduce in the future, it has highlighted that good practice in the provision of work place ventilation is important in providing a healthy environment.  There has historically been an awareness of “Sick Building Syndrome” and a contributing factor was that of poor ventilation causing not just high CO2 levels, but also increasing the likely hood of passing on air borne infections.

Many employers are now reviewing their work place ventilation and Crofton are ready to assist and advise on this important issue.