Energy Reviews and ESOS Assessments

Reducing Carbon Emissions and Energy Use

Crofton are experts in the assessment of energy use and carbon emission for both new and existing buildings and are registered Low Carbon Consultants and ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme) Assessors.

It is generally the case that a structured analysis of energy utilisation for your building or estate will reveal opportunities for energy saving. This can apply within a single building or on a site where there may be a number of buildings.

Crofton work with your team to understand the systems and buildings and we will also undertake inspections of your existing systems, consider records of energy utilisation, together with consideration of the building construction thermal insulation, shading provision and glazing to allow an analysis of the energy flows.

Once this is understood, we consider options for energy use reduction. For the options identified, we compare them with an analysis of capital and running costs, evaluating payback time scales, to inform the decision process on economically viable solutions.


This approach is valid from single buildings through to larger estates where our certified assessors would provide ESOS assessments.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for large organisations based in the UK. ESOS requires organisations that meet the qualification criteria to audit and report on at least 90% of their energy usage to The Environment Agency every 4 years.

ESOS has 4 phases and deadlines for submission.  The next deadline for assessment submittal is 5th December 2023.

Our reporting is clear and concise allowing you to make the right decisions for the future.