Maintenance Contract Specification and Management Advisor

Managing Assets, Optimising Performance

Crofton have decades of experience in appraising existing sites, reporting on condition, making recommendations for improvements, identifying programmed remedial works, and setting up planned preventative maintenance (PPM) regimes.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is a fundamental requirement to maintain any large or small site.

This entails a programmed series of maintenance actions designed to keep all the assets and components of an engineering installation operating optimally.  This in turn also keeps the whole system operating optimally and reduces unexpected plant failure and the consequent need for reactive action.

A well-managed regime will include reporting to alert likely future failures and to identify plants approaching the end of its life. This in turn will inform future capital planning for plant replacement.

The Benefit of Quality Data

The PPM can be based upon your own asset registers; however, many sites suffer from a legacy of poor data arising from various historic projects that did not benefit from a central data repository.

In this case we can undertake visual inspections, audit existing registers, and compile an updated register for you. This is always beneficial since improving your existing asset data can contribute as an invaluable tool to optimise future capital project and maintenance activities giving a common updatable data set.

As an ongoing programme or a concerted effort, using  BIM as a basis it is possible to build a data-rich 3D model of a site that will facilitate a central and updatable live model of the systems in your building.  This type of model can be sophisticated, for example automatically flagging up predictive failures based on historic or predicted plant, equipment, and component life.

Identifying Opportunity

Once we have audited your site, there will be an opportunity to advise on benefits from the introduction of new technology, improvements to equipment and systems that will improve reliability, reduce running costs, and reduce carbon emissions.  As registered Low Carbon Consultants and ESOS assessors, we are well placed to advise.

We can also assist in rationalising the use of multiple specialist subcontractors, which can often result in cost savings as there is a benefit in larger scale appointments for fewer contractors.

Asset Management

We are pleased to offer a service to manage the ongoing maintenance of your engineering assets, providing performance, compliance, and cost control.