Structural Condition Surveys

Expert Advice on Condition and Actions

Structural condition surveys provide essential information for the proactive management of your property.  Early action can prevent failure and assist in the managed implementation of long-term measures as part of a planned preventative maintenance program for the building.

Crofton’s experienced structural engineers will undertake a visual inspection of the property/structure and provide a concise report considering the construction details and type of building.  They will make comments on the existing condition, provide recommendations for remedial works and any further investigations needed.

They will investigate cracking, spalling of concrete, brickwork deterioration and so on to give an early indication of issues likely to arise and therefore assess the stability, aging, corrosion and dilapidations to concrete, steel, and brick structures.

Our survey and observations allow us to identify a variety of common faults such as:

  • Settlement, heaving, bowing, sagging, warping or other distortion
  • Concrete cracking, scaling, spalling or delamination
  • Corrosion of metal objects
  • Discoloration/staining
  • Moisture accumulation

As part of our reporting, we provide a breakdown of the structural assessment against the key elements in terms of superstructures, cladding/envelope, sub structures, roofs and so on.

Our recommendations are categorised and scheduled to provide a concise report with easy assessment of budget for recommended annual works.

Once we have made our initial evaluation of the structures, we can arrange any supplementary surveys’ requirements such as geotechnical testing, ground investigation, trial pits, specialist concrete strength testing, analysis for Chloride Ion or Sulphate content etc.

We will also recommend and advise on any requirements for monitoring of the ongoing structure, where there may be suspected incremental damage, or for example where the property could be affected by proposals for extension, alterations or adjacent construction works.