Technical Due Diligence

Providing engineering support for your asset management strategy

What we do

Technical due diligence for building sales and acquisitions: finding and quantifying defects and other hidden problems to help you buy and sell buildings quickly and with confidence.

How we do it

Our process starts with a desk top study made from available data, maintenance records, previous reports and the like followed by field survey – the extent of which will depend on the purpose of the report and your needs.


Who we do it for

  1. Asset owners to help you assess the condition of your asset, understand the repair strategy in place and identify opportunities for cost reductions in operation and maintenance.
  2. Investors helping you to reduce risk and make better investment decisions.
  3. Prospective tenants, helping you to make well-informed leasing decisions.

What we give you

A report identifying what if anything is wrong, the consequences, recommended repairs, how much they will cost, who is responsible for them and any further investigations that may be appropriate.