Temporary Works Design

Facilitating Safe, Productive Construction

During construction, there are commonly requirements for interim structural arrangements to allow the permanent construction works to proceed.  This can arise in a number of situations, for example where the permanent works may need temporary support to prevent collapse until complete, for retention of the sides of excavations, or to provide safe access to tower crane bases and so on.   There are many situations that arise requiring temporary measures and, in all cases, the ongoing safety of the operation at hand must be addressed carefully.

Crofton are adept at working with your construction team to provide a practical solution that ensures a productive continuation of the work and addresses site safety issues.  Key guidance we reference is the HSE which sets out requirements for addressing temporary works and BS 5975:2019  is the Code of practice for temporary works procedures and the permissible stress design of falsework.

Our decades of practical ‘on-site’ experience informs our approach and gives you sound advice whatever the construction challenge.

An increasingly frequent requirement where buildings of historic or aesthetic importance are to be developed, is that the façades be retained.

This will require a supplementary steel structure to provide support to the façades, whilst the rest of the existing building behind is demolished/re-configured.

This is also an area where Crofton can offer sound experience-based expertise.