MEP Engineering

When asked by clients to describe the profession we prefer to use the analogy of a human body where the MEP engineer is responsible for making you live and breathe, your heart, lungs, liver, brain, in fact all the dynamic parts of the person but for the built environment.

Our MEP engineers are not confined to just mechanical, electrical or ventilation systems but areresponsible for ensuring that all the systems required to make a building live and breath are present, optimaly designed and functioning properly in order to get the building occupants healthy, comfortable, energy efficient and safe within their environment.

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Technical Due Diligence

Pre-acquisition our engineers conduct technical due diligence analysing the structural and MEP technical information that is important to you as an investor buying the assets. Depending on the particular situation the analysis might be very broad or deep into specifics, but in all cases, it is tailored to meet your needs.

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Planning/Sustainable Masterplan Advice

Holistic sustainability masterplanning, helping our clients assess and maximise the environmental, social and economic performance of projects.

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Life Cycle Planning

An important analysis tool when considering the benefits of different solutions, life cycle planning examines not just the initial capital cost but also considers the operations and end-of-life costs.

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Maintenance Contract Specification and Management Advisor

Key in keeping your sites, and the assets serving them operating efficiently is managing the ongoing maintenance in a proactive, rather than reactive way. Maintaining service function and keeping your core business operating without interruption.

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Energy Reviews and ESOS Assessments

With an increasing focus on the reduction of carbon emissions and rising energy costs, it is now more than ever a time to optimise the efficiency of your existing systems and to consider long-term strategies for energy management and plant replacement.

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Building Physics

Predicting how a building will perform is vital at an early stage of any project. Understanding energy use, carbon emissions, and the interaction of the construction with heat gains and losses inform the design process.

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MEP Engineering Consultancy Services

Crofton has been at the forefront of building services design since its formation. Today we continue to provide innovative and forward-looking solutions.

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Post Occupancy Evaluation

Post Occupancy Evaluation is becoming a more frequently requested service, especially where the fit-out has been undertaken for the final occupant. A valuable tool for honing and optimising the building’s performance.

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Condition Surveys

Understanding the condition of the services in your building or over an estate is an important element in the management of its assets. Our service will contribute to your long-term plans and can identify options for energy and carbon emission reduction, and recognise the opportunities offered by new technology.

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Whilst the impact of Covid-19 may be diminishing, it has highlighted the need for effective ventilation in the workspace, to limit cross infection and to manage contaminants.

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